It is important to note that the full description of the session, not just the change, is sent. I have gone through the FAQ Section on your website. It first performs the request processing procedures of Section 8. Header fields can be extended over multiple lines by preceding each extra line with at least one SP or horizontal tab HT. However, these will not be delivered reliably.

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After possibly receiving one or more provisional responses, the UAC will get one or more 2xx responses or one non-2xx final response. Add a Content-Length header field if necessary This serves to identify the UAS that is responding, possibly resulting in a component of a dialog ID. It MUST be possible to combine the multiple header field rows into one « field-name: That rule caused proxies to destroy the contents of the Request-URI when a Route header field was present. Unless there is local policy specifying otherwise, the destination MUST be determined by applying the DNS procedures described in [4] as follows. Specifically, it asks the UAS to cease processing the request and to generate an error response to that request.

Responses in SIP use a three-digit code followed by a descriptive phrase. The UAS will receive the request from the transaction layer. During the session, either Dontactsay or Bob may decide to change the characteristics of the media session.


Subsequent final responses which would only arrive under error conditions MUST be ignored. This BYE is routed directly to Alice’s softphone, again bypassing the proxies. If the ordered set is exhausted, the request cannot be forwarded to this element in the target set. If the parameters match, the request has looped. It is used for identification purposes.


SIP makes use of elements called proxy servers to help route requests to xontactsay user’s current location, authenticate and authorize users for services, implement provider contzctsay policies, and provide features to users.


If the request contains a Via header field with a sent- by contacctsay that equals a value placed into previous requests by the proxy, the request has been forwarded by this element before. Beyond these checks, body handling depends on the method and type.

The request is sent to a specific next hop proxy for further processing. The following groups of header 0.11 rows are valid and equivalent: For a well-matched client-server pair, contactsa interaction proceeds quickly, saving a round-trip often required by negotiation mechanisms. The remaining lines contain header fields.


If the proxy has a 01. policy that mandates that the request visit one specific proxy, an alternative to pushing a Route value into the Route header field is to bypass the forwarding logic of ckntactsay 10 below, and instead just send the request to the address, port, and transport for that specific proxy.

A request that arrives at a proxy, is forwarded, and later arrives back at the same proxy. It simply forwards every response it receives upstream. Alice sent one to Bob, and Bob sent one back to Alice. Header fields are named attributes that provide additional information about a message.

The output of these mechanisms is used to construct the target set.

In this example, Bob decides to answer the call. SIP can be used to initiate a session that uses some other conference control protocol. A Via header field value is added contacfsay after the transport that will be used to reach the next hop has been selected which may involve the usage of the procedures in [4].


If contzctsay local sequence number is empty, an initial value MUST be chosen using the guidelines of Section 8.

contactsay 0.1

In conatctsay, it also removes ambiguity when the client requires features that the server does not understand. This tag will be incorporated by both endpoints into the dialog and will be included in all future Rosenberg, et.

contactsay 0.1

A request may traverse several proxies conractsay its way to a UAS. Multiple header Rosenberg, et. Section 14 discusses how characteristics of that session are modified through the use of an INVITE request within a dialog.

An Allow header field Section The complete set of SIP header fields is defined in Section Contacysay the proxy is not responsible for that URI, it will not recurse contactasy 3xx or responses as described below. However, it is unlikely that a UAS will be able to know this in general, and thus this response will not ccontactsay be used. SIP is an agile, general-purpose tool for creating, modifying, and terminating sessions that works independently of underlying transport protocols and without dependency on the type of session that is being established.

Cntactsay normal endpoint operation as described in Section 12, these Record- Route header field values will not have any effect on the route sets used by the endpoints. Savez-vous quel âge a vraiment le célèbre 0.